Classic Service

Classic Service If you take pride in ownership of a classic car, we take pride in servicing it. And while we specialise in MGs, Fords, Rovers (especially where the V8 motor is involved), and Fiats we are happy to discuss all classic car servicing and maintenance requirements.

Routine Maintenance All cars need regular maintenance to keep them running in top condition. We do routine maintenance work including oil changes, tune-ups and regular maintenance servicing.

Mechanical Repairs We carry out mechanical repairs on your car, from small repairs to solving more significant mechanical problems.

Major Rebuilds and Projects After giving their owners many years of happy motoring, classic cars all eventually need some work to bring them back up to scratch. AUTOClassics undertake major mechanical rebuilds. We can disassemble a vehicle and carry out mechanical work; we work in conjunction with interior trimmers and bodywork experts to give your car the best possible total service.

Race Car Preparation and V8 Conversions We raced together at the opening of the Manfeild circuit in 1973, and have always been passionate about classic motor racing. We’ve raced Fiats, Fords, Morgans, Mazdas, MGs, Austins et al. We can build and prepare your classic race car to your desired specifications. From minor modifications for club and sprint racing, through to major work to build a competitive classic race car, we are happy to discuss your requirements.